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04/01/2019 8:45 AM | Tracy Ligon (Administrator)

If you did not list your ZIP CODE  on your profile, you are hurting your business!

We are working on getting a tool to be used to refer people to the appropriate appraiser near them!  Funny thing is, without your ZIP code you make the job very difficult.  I was rather surprised  by those who did not list a zip code when they registered with us!   Go to YOUR PROFILE, click you name at the top of the page and ADD YOUR ZIP CODE!

For those with multiple locations... we will eventually find a method to include more than one "office" location but that is down the road.


  • 04/03/2019 2:26 PM | Gary Gaudreau
    Tracy. Don't forget us Canadians and our Postal Codes when you are developing our appraiser finder tool. The NAAA appraiser finder tool worked with both ZIP codes and Canadian Postal Codes.
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