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Payment Processor Updated

04/02/2019 3:17 PM | Tracy Ligon (Administrator)

Members be advised. Today we updated our payment processor.

This should make it easier and more accurate particularly for those not in the US.  For this to work, you will need to update your credit card information during the next billing cycle or on receipt of the next invoice since the automatic payment system is at the card processor not on our website!  That helps secure your information.  You can update your card from your "Members/Associates" page, click your name at the top of this page, then look just under your name etc for the "update credit card" button. You can also just wait for the next invoice from us and update at that time!

When you use the credit card payment system at PAAO. Be sure the address you enter is the address on the credit card statement. Your payment/s may fail because your BANK reports to our processor that the address and zip code do not match the records they have on your card. If you have any issues, contact Mike Simmons directly. Thanks

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