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The Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization was formed by several previous members of the now defunct and closed NAAA.  The PAAO is made up of Aviation Professionals who know aircraft and only work within the aviation industry. The need for a better appraisal organization was obvious and the PAAO was setup to address those issues and improve training, exposure, knowledge, communication, cooperation, and the abilities of those who wish to join the organization.

The PAAO will have "mentors" for those wishing to learn how aircraft appraisal should be accomplished.  As opposed to some other groups the PAAO  does Aircraft Appraisals only because we know aircraft and stay within that specialzation.

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If you are interested in joining us you are invited to join the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization!  It will be of benefit to you and to the organization! A background in aviation is helpful as are most business operation backgrounds. Our business is aircraft appraisals and only aircraft appraisals.

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We will be placing articles, webinars, videos and other content shortly. You will be able to access these as members of the PAAO.  We are busy working to provide you with more educational items soon.

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