• 01/14/2019 8:34 AM | Tracy Ligon (Administrator)

    The Ethics Statement has been updated and should be reviewed by everyone. You can read it here Ethics Statement 2.0.

    Thank you to everyone for your assistance in the document.

  • 01/04/2019 7:09 AM | Tracy Ligon (Administrator)

    I found a programming oops this morning and have fixed the issue.  Everyone who has been Approved should now be able to use, post, and read the forums!   Thanks for your patience!

  • 01/01/2019 1:29 PM | Tracy Ligon (Administrator)

    We want to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

    It should be a great start for the PAAO and a great future for all of us!

    Have a great day.... and a GREAT YEAR!

  • 12/31/2018 11:38 AM | Tracy Ligon (Administrator)

    Our phone service is now active:  888-995-0441

  • 12/30/2018 2:02 PM | Tracy Ligon (Administrator)

    Those who applied early have been reviewed and approved. We continue to have new applicants and hope you do join us soon!

    The full system for those approved will be available after the first of the year we are working on the payment system and approval process.

    Thanks to you who have joined us!
  • 12/25/2018 11:21 AM | Tracy Ligon (Administrator)

    Today, the PAAO received its fully activated and secured Web site.

    Seems appropriate for a Chirstmas Day! 

    We look forward to an always present and persistent role in your appraisal efforts.

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